shows upcoming games in broad outlines. The ideas are continually tested and refined. These games could be another part of the MATY MOVES series in the future.

51 Crosses

A dynamic game with variable game board for 2 players. You will try to move your stones to create the line of 51.

Imagine noughts and crosses with moving lines and columns. Apart from creating a group of five symbols you will also take into consideration a small inner stone with the value of 1.

51 Minutes

A minimalist concept which is based on generally known principle of Monopoly board game. However, everything is reduced into the time factor in this game.

The game board is a clock, time is money and moves cost time. The player who has the most time wins when someone runs out of time.

51 Pentagons

A multilevel asymmetric crazy game in which you are conquering strategic nodes by an army of pentagons. The aim of the game is to connect 4 out of 5 sides.

The principle of the game is vibrant polarity of players. Periods of powerful and disadvantaged moves are changing. You won’t be definitely bored!


A brisk shootout for two cowboys. Every step you take affects the position of the opponent.

You have a simple task – get as fast as possible across the game board. However, your opponent tries to thwart your effort by using his ammunition and its effects. It is forbidden to make a step forwards according to the key rule of the game.


The last part of the EQULIBRIX trilogy based on Flower of Life is a political game for 6 players. You play in a variable coalition and you are trying to build the points scoring figures. The player, who makes it first, scores.

You can also get the points for surrounding of the opponent’s stones. This means you will be creating as well as destroying.


This game is so simple, that it couldn’t be easier. However, nobody can actually accomplish the task, or do they?

The aim of this game for an unlimited number of players is to choose the same color. You can either guess the choice of the other players or, on the other hand, you can bet first and try to suggest the idea to others.


You have seven unique beings and they are totally unbalanced on the chakra level. The purpose of the game is to help other players survive.

You can balance their energy by your proximity, but only if you have a surplus of the energy at the given level. The overall balance also depends on the ability to leave, because leaving in good time takes a lot of effort.


Wilderness is a hard challenge in which you are looking for optimal positions for both small and large animal occurrence.

Each of them has different abilities. You will reach your aim faster than your opponent thanks to the combination of the abilities.The game is not destructive – the player who gets all the elements first wins.


Creative game based on the principle of the word chain which brings very close territorial battle.

Each player forms a snake from his letters. This snake collects different spells and he can, for example, walk through the walls or bodies of other players, as in oldschool mobile phones.


This game is really close to my heart.“Amateurs” are describing how difficult it is to have an amateur rock band. In addition, you compete with other local bands to see who gets more fans.

Sometimes is much harder to coordinate rolling four dice (the rock band members) than it seems. One of them has to work, the second member is dating and another one would like to play floorball.