shows games in which MATY MOVES participates. Maty gives his characteristic design to these games, which means he is not the author of the idea but the designer, producer and manufacturer of the game. Maty also figures out the game principles and mechanics for projects with already given theme.


Brisk strategic turn-based game for 2 players. The game with variable game board comes from the UFO HRY production.

The MAiAK game combines the game principles of draughts, chess and pentago in a unique way. That brings completely new level of strategic thinking into the game. For more information, please visit the website:


Authentic game based on ice hockey from UFO HRY production. Choose 1 from 8 unique national teams and go for a hard fight in your own championship.

Hockey game is a strategic card game for 2 players. There are alternating turns of the offensive players (or holders of the puck) and defensive players. You can move the puck when getting the larger sum of the dice roll, team attributes, heroes, cards and referees. For more detailed information about this ultimate battle, please visit the website