EQUILIBRIX Project – travel


You can play this game only with the basic set EQUILIBRIX Connect

The third part of the EQUILIBRIX game series brings a completely new goal of the game and three more colours, so you can play in up to six players. Leightweight version of the game with same components as in the collector´s box.

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EQUILIBRIX Project is considered a game extention of EQUILIBRIX Connect. There are used most of game components from Connect game and it develops its main game principles. However, this time it will be more political game based on communication and cooperation where you try to build various geometric shapes. You will get the points when you surround your opponent. Project can be played by every enthusiast of the age 12 and up. The game is for 3-6 players and its length is 60-90 minutes.


Additional information

Game lenght

60 – 90 min

Počet hráčů

3 – 6




16 x 12 x 6 cm

collector´s version

Do you want rather wooden box instead of the travel bag?

We also offer our games in original tuned box. See also the collector´s version of the EQUILIBRIX Project game:

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