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Colourful space voyage, in which you will try to meet as much other players’ existences as possible. These existences are represented by chips. You need to capture these chips and reveal their true identity. Lightweight version without printed rules in handmade bag.

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Easy board game for 2-6 players takes 20-30 minutes. You try to set a combination of colours which meets some of the opponent´s worlds. However, that kind of meeting brings (besides the winning point) also a quantum leap – an event that will bring the two players with a certain probability into different universes. Although the game may seem complicated at first glance, the opposite is true. Even children from the age of 7 can handle it without any problems. The version in a handmade bag really fits in your pocket, making it the ideal travel companion.


Additional information

Game lenght

20 – 30 min

Počet hráčů

2 – 6




12 x 8 x 6 cm

collector´s version

Do you want rather wooden box instead of the travel bag??

We also offer our games in original tuned box. See also our collector´s version of MULTIVERSE game:

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