The label MATY MOVES covers not just the original games created by Maty. Some authors like my design so much that they have chosen it for their own ideas. That gives me the opportunity to play the role of the designer, producer and publisher.


It is not just a joyful work to give another authors´ games my characteristic design, but also kind of an organic symbiosis within the game community. Besides the confirmation of distinctive design is then MATY MOVES series more varied in a game aspects. Every other game brings a new mechanism which differs from my own production. It´s my pleasure to offer that kind of service, because there are many people with clever ideas. I like to share the possibilities I have when developing games. As an author with a prototype in my backpack, I would appreciate such an open approach when searching for a publisher as well.

How to do it?

Did you think up a new game you would like to publish? MATY MOVES publisher is open to your projects! If you like my work and wooden design makes sense to you, do not hesitate to get in touch with me.

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Conditions of cooperation

If you want your game to be a part of MATY MOVES portfolio, it should fit into the publisher´s concept. Core of my creation are easy and logic games with deep strategic potential. However, they are suitable also for less skilled players or for the beginners. It is a complex process from B to Z to give a “Maty Design” to your game. Usually it takes a few months and there is a fixed fee for it to check out the author´s motivation. In addition to the games themselves and the opportunity to influence the final design, the author will also receive a 50% share of the profit from the given title and the opportunity to take his/her games at the costs of production.

What is the difference between the custom-made games and my own games?

Games of other authors are marked with the key symbol. The name of the author is mentioned at the top of the wooden box where is also the thematic illustration. The shape of the box differs in some cases to highlight the topic of the game.

LUCANUS – Martin Illek

A dynamic strategic affair for 2 players, which uses game principles to follow the actual behavior of stag beetles. Let´s fight for the oak sap and enjoy the sweet victory!

SNEKAGON – Adam Španěl

An abstract seven-turn game in which you try to bulid a longer snake than your opponent. The rules are simple, but before you crawl to victory, you will train your brain properly.

SCORSO – Janek a Misa

A wild mafia gunfight in which all players play at the same time. Party game for 2-5 players in a cool wooden box.

SHAMROCK – Jean Pierre Bassenge

Go to Ireland, where magical elves run through the meadows and sometimes freeze everything around them.

TOTOHU – Barnabáš Wretzl

A dramatic sea battle for 2-3 players, invented by 7-years-old Barnabas, entertains both children and adults. Will you sink other ships or will you let them triumphantly sail away?

MAiAK – Patrik Vaverka

A quick game for 2 players, in which you move not only the game stones, but also the game field itself. You will get the rules immediately, but the game will surprise you anyway!

YOUR IDEA – Your Name

Content of this sentence is up to you, you can also influance how the game will look like.

Materials, colours and technology are defined by the concept of the MATY MOVES series.