Get the points for helping the others and try to keep light and dark energy in balance. A meditative game for 2-3 players, which can be played by up to 6 people thanks to the BLACK + WHITE system. Lightweight version in a bigger handmade bag.

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This game full of angels and deamons is more about perfect balance than unrestrained entertainment. Your task will be paradoxically to help the others. Loners won´t survive here. Beings with the excess of energy on the right level will keep you in the game. In the secret bets in every round will be decided who rescues the others first. Get ready for a meditative game that aims to keep the energy of all beings in balance and keep them alive. The game is suitable for gaming enthusiasts older than 10 years and the game length is about 40-60 minutes. Thanks to the BLACK + WHITE system, however, you can play with up to 6 people and extend the length of the game up to 120 minutes.


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BLACK – colours, WHITE – natural

Game lenght

40 – 60 min

Black & white game lenght

60 – 120 min

Počet hráčů

2 – 3

BLACK & WHITE number of players

4 – 6




18 x 15 x 7 cm

Collector´s version

Do you want rather wooden box instead of the travel bag?

We also offer our games in original tuned box. See also the collector´s version of the BALANCEFORMERS game:

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The game uses a simple trick, which allows you to expand the number of players to double the number. The titles marked as “BLACK + WHITE 2 GAMES SYSTEM” are always available in two variants containing various colour sets of game components. Each variant is a full version of the game, but if you combine it with its counterpart (BLACK + WHITE), you can invite other players to the game and enjoy a whole new level.
black plus white
When choosing the colour of the new set, think about your friends and their game sets. If someone already has the BLACK version, you can buy the WHITE variant to extend the game.



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