EQUILIBRIX Combact – Game rules

This escalated territory battle brings a completely new dimension into the EQUILIBRIX GAMES series and offers three various game targets.

1. Game preparation and how to play

Unfold the board from Connect. Make a circle from all black and white unique-shape-pieces (USPs) and place them around the board. It doesn’t matter which order and side of the USPs you choose because the USPs don’t belong to any player yet. However, there is one exceptional part of your stock – 5+1 token, one biangular and one triangular microbacts (rest are spare parts). Determine your colour and the player who starts. The second player places the tetrahedron named Inception between 2 USPs of your choice within the circle. The game begins and it is your turn. Choose one of four USPs in the circle, situated clockwise from the Inception. Then place the tetrahedron on its spot and place the chosen USP with your colour on the board. This is end of your turn and the second player continues with choosing and placing one of four USPs closest to the Inception. He can also play the microbact from his stock instead and the rule of moving the Inception does not apply in this case.

2. The five-dot principle

The first USP in your colour can be placed anywhere. However, every other USP must be connected to another USP of the same colour. Connection of the USPs is carried out within a simple but strict rule. You cannot occupy more than 5 from 12 fields in any of connecting points (flower-centre). This limit applies to peaks of all USPs of the same colour situated around the connecting point. There are dots on the peaks to make it more visible for players, so you just count the dots up. It is not allowed to connect more than 5 dots of your colour. There is one exception in case of playing the 5+1 token – you give the token to your opponent, so you can connect 6 fields (dots) around one connecting point at the same time.

3. Various game targets and game ends

You choose or draw one of the following options before the game starts:

The first player, who cannot place his USP or microbact, loses.
You will gain points for the territory defined just by the USPs or microbacts of your colour or by the external curve of biangular field at the edge of the board. For every empty field counts 1 point. You can pass your turn instead of carrying out the action in this option. The game ends when both players pass, one after another.
3+3 GOALS:
Place 6 auxiliary markers around the connecting points situated on a circle which surrounds the board. Three of them are white and three of them are black. Your objective is to connect these markers into your network. In case of draw (both players have the same amount of connected markers of their colour) the amount of the opponent’s markers connected is decisive as a secondary criterion. You can pass your turn as well in this option. However, the game ends when both players pass, one after another.
Two wins take it all in this option. The player who loses first match, determines another option for the next game and he gains 1 extra USP prospect in the circle so that he can choose from 5 USPs. The winner, on the other hand, can choose just from 3 USPs.

Visual guide is not ready yet. Stay tuned! 🙂

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