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A wild mafia gunfight in which all players play at the same time. Party game for 2-5 players in a cool wooden box.

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Draw the dice and weapons! This game for 2-5 players takes place in real time. You never know if you manage to roll the right combinations on dice and direct them towards your neighbours. The collector´s box includes everything for the game and also some extra components such as leatherette pads, mafiosi with magnetic hats and bow ties and 3D bullets. For lovers of mafia themes, there is also a suitcase full of unique period weapons. The game will test your speed, fast reaction, courage and possibly desire for revenge. You will have definitely fun in this game!


Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Game lenght

40 – 60 min

Počet hráčů

2 – 5


12+, 9+


18 x 15 x 12 cm

Travel version

Do you want rather travel bag instead of the wooden box?

We also offer our games in compact, but even more cool pocket version. See also our travel version of the SCORSO game:

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