A dramatic sea battle for 2-3 players, invented by 7-years-old Barnabas, entertains both children and adults. Will you sink other ships or will you let them triumphantly sail away?

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TOTOHU means SINK in Maori language. And that´s exactly what the game is about. It resembles with its game principle the well known game Rock, Paper, Scissors. But instead of 3 options, there are 6 types of ships. Rum, anchors and cannons are a part of the game too, of course. The game gathers momentum quickly, as each ship has a long-term career and in each round it either gets closer to its goal or gets hit. Your task is to sink your opponent’s fleet and gain as many winning points as possible in the form of cannons or barrels of goods. The game is suitable for all pirates older than 8 years and thanks to the brisk course it will take about 15-25 minutes.


Additional information

Game lenght

15 – 25 min

Počet hráčů

1 – 3



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