Are you competitive? You will enjoy this game! Be the first to capture all 5 elements in this epic positional strategy game. Strategic thinking and a little magic will help you do that. Thanks to the BLACK + WHITE system, you can play in twice the number of players.

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Wilderness is a game of endless possibilities. Imagine chess containing 16 different pieces (represented by different animals). However, you choose a different combination from them for each game and place them in different positions. In the action phase of the game, all the animals are set in motion, creating unexpected combinations of their special abilities. And even though it’s a very competitive game, it’s not about eliminating an opponent. Your task is to collect 5 elements first. The game will test you properly, but don’t worry, it’s not something you can’t do.The game is suitable for players from the age of 12 and one game lasts 45 to 90 minutes.

The game is designed for 2 players, but more people mean more fun. That is the reason Maty invented the BLACK + WHITE system, which enables you to expand the game to a double number of players. The game with blue-yellow pieces in this case is BLACK and the variant with red-green pieces is WHITE. If you want to collect elements in 3-4 players, you need two different game sets. In that case, playing will keep you entertaining for 90 to 150 minutes.


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BLACK – yellow and blue, WHITE – red and green

Game lenght

45 – 90 min

Black & white game lenght

90 – 150 min

Počet hráčů


BLACK & WHITE number of players

3 – 4




18 x 15 x 12 cm

travel version

Do you want rather travel bag instead of the wooden box?

We also offer our games in compact, but even more cool pocket version. See the travel version of the WILDERNESS game:

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The game uses a simple trick, which allows you to expand the number of players to double the number. The titles marked as “BLACK + WHITE 2 GAMES SYSTEM” are always available in two variants containing various colour sets of game components. Each variant is a full version of the game, but if you combine it with its counterpart (BLACK + WHITE), you can invite other players to the game and enjoy a whole new level.
black plus white
When choosing the colour of the new set, think about your friends and their game sets. If someone already has the BLACK version, you can buy the WHITE variant to extend the game.


Animal abilities
Animal abilities (grayscale print)
Hint card
Hint card (grayscale print)

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